Ancient Earth

Size: 1 L
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Ancient Earth® Organic OIM, naturally derived from a rare source of ancient organic material called leonardite, is the first humic-fulvic supplement on the hydroponics market to give you the best of two worlds. This hybrid product contains both long-chain humic acids and short-chain ‘golden’ fulvic acid. Each of these ingredients performs separate jobs, yet they work together seamlessly and synergistically for the maximum benefit of your plant’s health and performance. First, the long-chain humics in Ancient Earth transform your growing medium into a richer, healthier, more vibrant foundation for your crops while pumping up their roots. They also stabilize the pH and optimize nutrient delivery. And once the fulvic acid, a kind of natural chelator, enters the roots it assists in the transport of nutrients within the plant. Ancient Earth also helps plants to withstand disease, drought and other environmental stresses

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