Greenhouse Panda Film, 6 MIL IN-STORE PURCHASE ONLY

Size: 32ft x 200ft
Sale price$463.00


Ginegar manufactures market-leading agricultural cover films for use in greenhouses. These advanced cover film have unique thermal, mechanical and optical properties that make them ideal for protecting crops, enhancing growth, and meeting the varying needs of growers worldwide.

We manufacture our agricultural cover films using our new five-layer co-extrusion technology. This enables us to process raw materials that guarantee the highest level of mechanical strength and flexibility, and compatibility with all mechanical testing standards.

Our stabilization package, which incorporates multiple materials, gives the cover films long-term durability – even in the most severe environmental conditions.

At Ginegar, we pride ourselves on our versatility and we have a solution suitable for any climate, any region, any crop, and any greenhouse or tunnel. In-store pick up only Please contact store for shipping quote.

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