Pylon TR 2 OZ

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Pylon TR Total Release Insecticide is the first insecticide of BASF to deliver active ingredients by using total release (TR) technology. Pylon TR Total Release Insecticide contains the active ingredient, chlorfenapyr, that is easy and ready to use and comes in small canisters. It provides widespread control of mites and thrips. It is for the use in closed commercial greenhouses on flowering hanging baskets, bedding plants, potted flowering plants and ornamentals, cut flowers, foliage and fruiting vegetables. Growers will have the ease of use by just placing the can in the greenhouse, closing the vents, doors and windows and pressing the release button and leaving it for a specific time. Two ounces of Plyon TR Total Release Insecticide is able to treat 3,000 square footage of a commercial greenhouse. Growers will save time and money by eliminating water cost, mixing, having accurate product distribution, and avoiding costs of large fogging equipment. For greater control, it can be space mixed with Attan TR micro total release insecticide, Tame/Orthene TR insecticide, Pyrethrum TR micro total release insecticide, or Beethoven TR miticide/insecticide

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