12'' F5 Industrial In-Line Fan

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12'' F5 Industrial In-Line Fan
1 year warranty, Our F5 Industrial fan is your best choice if you need to move A LOT of air with minimal noise. These fans are extremely quiet. Each comes with a pre-wired 120V 12 foot power cord which includes a built-in 3 position speed controller. The speed controller allows you to lower the CFM Wattage and Amperage with a simple turn of the dial. The intake side can accept 12 or 14 inch ducting. The exhaust side accepts 12 inch ducting. Each fan includes a sturdy mounting bracket preinstalled on each fan.

Built in 3 position speed controller
12ft cord

MODEL: 951012
AIR VOLUME: 2320 /1755/1432CFM
STATIC PRESSURE: 1.80/1.60/1.50''/W
AMPERE: 4.66/417/4.11A
INPUT POWER: 550/460/415W
REVOLUTION: 1,680/1,250/950RPM
This fan has a 12" and 14" flange so it wiill work on both a 12" and 14" carbon filter or 12" or 14" Ducting. Built in Speed Controller

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